Main directions of activity

  • development of means and communication systems;
  • development of means of registration of speech information circulating in communication channels;
  • creation of facilities and systems of radiocontrol;
  • development of technical, software, hardware and software tools and systems of technical protection of information;
  • participation in the development of departmental regulatory documents, methodical manuals and recommendations on the use of the latest models of technology, methods and ways of their application;
  • testing and experimental exploitation of a new equipment in cooperation with manufacturing companies on the basis of developed programs and test methods in order to explore possibilities for further introduction of modern telecommunication equipment into the activities of the National Police of Ukraine.

Results of scientific and technical activities

The latest work is done by laboratory experts.

  1. Tests of the direction of routing of the radio and radiocontrol.
  2. Development of departmental requirements for systems of electronic control of controlled persons.
  3. Research of tactical and technical characteristics of portable video recording systems.