Main directions of activity

The priority directions of the laboratory's activity are:
  • express tests for the identification of chemicals (narcotic, psychotropic, explosive, etc., as well as alcohol);
  • an equipment and smell simulators of narcotic, psychotropic and explosive substances;
  • latent marking substances (luminophores, special markers, etc.);
  • materials and equipment for detecting fingerprints and research in laboratory conditions;
  • an equipment for the inspection of the place of the event;
  • software and hardware complexes for carrying out forensic examinations (ballistic, phonoscopic, automotive, handwriting, technical examination of documents, etc.);
  • inspection equipment and control equipment for inaccessible places;
  • small optical systems;
  • handcuffs and other means of limiting the mobility of detainees;
  • technical means and special equipment for localization, transportation and disposal of explosive objects and devices;
  • sets of tools and equipment for blasting operations;
  • tools for forced opening of premises and small-scale subterranean devices for the destruction of obstacles;
  • equipment for the overcoming of fortification obstacles (piers, escarps, counter-scaffolds, etc.).

The main tasks of the laboratory are:

  • conducting search, applied research and development works in the interests of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and central bodies of executive power, whose activities are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine via the Minister of Internal Affairs with the development of samples of technical means, scientific and methodological support of its implementation and use;
  • implementation of the author's support of the results of research and development work, as well as determination of the effectiveness of implementation of their results in the practical activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Central Government Bureau;
  • monitoring of modernscientific-researchachievementsandinnovative productsin the field of development and application of special equipment, as well as the preparation of proposals for their practical use in the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • organization of scientific conferences, round tables, seminars, meetings, exhibitions in the areas of activity.
To carry out all of the above-mentioned tasks, the laboratory is equipped with modern assistive devices of measuring and calibrated equipment.