International activity


The State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine establishes international contacts with scientific institutions, educational institutions and practical units of law enforcement agencies, civilian educational institutions and scientific institutions of foreign countries, international and non-governmental organizations, public organizations and charitable foundations within existing intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements or on the agreements signed by the Institute directly by the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The main forms of international cooperation of the Institute are:

  1. Exchange of experience in scientific activities, methodological and other materials and literature;
  2. Organization and conducting of joint research;
  3. Organization of internships for scientists, scientific and technical, administrative personnel;
  4. Conduction of international seminars, conferences, symposiums;
  5. Nomination of outstanding scientific works for awarding prizes, medals and other types of awards, including international ones;
  6. Participation in international programs according to the activities of the Institute;
  7. Conduction of research activities within the framework of international projects and programs started by international organizations, foreign law enforcement agencies, public organizations and charitable foundations on the issues related to the protection of public relations associated with the support of human and civil rights and freedoms, the interests of society and state, crime prevention, insurance of public safety and order, road safety, as well as in the areas of protection of the state border and protection of the sovereign rights of Ukraine in its exclusive (marine) economic area of civil protection and migration (immigration and emigration);
  8. Implementation of other types of international cooperation within the limits specified by the legislation.


The development of links with scientific institutions and institutions of higher education, state and non-state international organizations, popularization of scientific achievements of the Institute is one of the priority directions of its activity.

The State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, within the framework of its competence, cooperates with foreign law-enforcement educational institutions on the basis of cooperation agreements.

During the last years the representatives of the Institute visited:

  • the Republic of Croatia in order to study the practice of implementation and adaptationof the Training Program of the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights to combat hate crimes for law-enforcers;
  • Austria (Vienna) with the support of the European Police College (CEPOL) in the framework of the meetings of the United Nations (UNODC) – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and OSCE, as well as meetings with the representatives from various departments of the Austrian Criminal Police (financial intelligence and asset search units), the Federal Ministry of Finance of Austria (Department for Combating Taxpayer and Customs Fraud) on the organization and experience of certain areas of law enforcement in Austria;
  • the USA (Washington, New York, Charlotte, Dallas, Reno) as a part of the IVLP International Visitor Leadership Program, "US Experience in Combating Money Laundering and Financial Crimes" (at the initiative and with financial support from the US Department of State) in order to gain thorough understanding of US approaches and methods for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, including familiarization with political actions and regulatory initiatives in the United States (Ministry of Finance, FinCEN, IRS, State Department of Finance , Ministry of Justice, SEC, DEA, GAP, Federal Reserve Bank, FINRA, International Banking Institute (IIB), Wells Fargo Banks, HSBC, etc.);
  • the Federal Republic of Germany to study the structure of the Federal Republic of Germany police and the Bavarian police training system as well as the coordination of the action plan within the framework of the joint project of the Hans Zaidel Foundation and the National Academy of Internal Affairs on studying of the training system of the Bavarian Police Officer;
  • the Netherlands (Hague) with the assistance of EUROPOL (Europol) to study the methodology for assessing the risk of complex (resonant) and organized crime – SOCTA (Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment);
  • Belgium (Mons) to participate in the NIAS' 17 (NATO) Symposium on Cyber Security, which brings together key actors to provide effective information and cybersecurity policies within the framework of 28 NATO member countries.

Scientists are active participants of international conferences, seminars, trainings, internships abroad, etc. In particular, they participated in:

  • the International Scientific and Practical Conference "A New Look at Eurointegration Processes in Moldova and Ukraine: the Legal Aspect" (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova), the results of which have been published "A New Look at Eurointegration Processes in Moldova and Ukraine: The Legal Aspect: materials of the International scientific practict. conf. (Chisinau, March 25–26, 2016). Chisinau, 2016. 256p.
  • in the International Scientific Conference “The Development of Law in the Context of Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East and Ukraine” organized by Varna Free University named after ChornoryzetsKhrabr (Varna, Bulgaria) published in the Collection of papers.
  • the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Development of Legal Science: Problems and Prospects" (Kosice, Slovakia), the results of which were published by "Development of Jurisprudence: Problems and Prospects". Proceedings of the International Scientific-Practical Conference dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Law Faculty of the National State Tax Service of the University of Ukraine (Slovak Republic – Ukraine, May 3-6, 2016), under the general editorship of V.V. Nazarov, M.O. Dey– London: IASHE, 2016. 108 p. and certificates of international internship have been received;
  • the 2nd International Educational Science Forum "Association Agreement: from Partnership to Cooperation" (Zakopane, Poland) with the participation and support of the International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (London, UK), the results of which were published in monograph "Association Agreement: from Partnership to Cooperation (collective monograph); edited by Maryna Dei, OlhaRudenko. - Hamilton, Ontario: Accent Graphics Communications & Publishing, 2018. 276 p.
  • the XV Scientific-Practical Conference "Science of the Millennium" (Morrisville, USA), which is held in a distant format, the results of which will be published in a collection of conference materials.

The State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is a co-organizer of the International Specialized Exhibition of Defense, Armaments, Military and Special Equipment, Technologies and Dual-Use Goods “Weapons and Security” (Kyiv), which annually involves about 40 countries of the world and a permanent participant security industry exhibition “Security” (Kyiv, Ukraine, etc.).