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4a, Y Gutsala Lane, Ua-01011 Kyiv, Ukraine
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• Direction
• Secretariat of the Academic Council
• Research Laboratory of Criminological Research and Problems Crime Prevention
• Research Laboratory of Problems of Legal and Organizational Support of the Ministry Activities
• Research Laboratory of Psychological Support
• Research Laboratory ofSpecial Transport and Uniforms
• Research Laboratory ofSpecial Technical Equipment
• Research Laboratory for Forensic and Specialist Technique
• Laboratory of Certification of Hand-held Firearms and Special Means of Self-Defense
• Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies
• Scientific-organizational Department
• Department of Scientific Information,Editorial and Publishing Activities
• Department of Editorial and Publishing Activities of the Ministry
• Financial and Economic Department
• Department of Material Support
• Staffing Sector
• Documentary Sector
• Legal Sector
• Regime and Secret Sector