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OBJECTS OF THE RIGHT TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY In 2017, the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine according to the results of research and development works received 12 patents of Ukraine on utility models, in particular: № 116779 Device of Intelligent Blocking of a Signal; № 116780 Miniature Transmitter in the Wireless Common Telecommunication Network; № 117330 BulletProtection Device of Modular Construction; № 117331 Scrap Lever Special; № 117332 Special Elbow; № 117733 Target for Shooting Training; № 117831 Explosion Localizer; № 119237 Specialized Armored Vehicle for Personnel Transportation; № 118987 Specialized Vehicle for Transportation of Persons Taken into Custody; № 120793 Body of a Special Vehicle for the Transportation of Persons Taken into Custody; № 120794 Method of Receiving AM and FM Signals by One-stop FM Receiver; № 121365 Dactyloscopic Kit for the Removal and Examination of Traces and Human Fingerprints.