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– organization and coordination of work on the preparation of projects of the Institute’s plans for scientific, scientific and technical activities, major scientific and organizational events; – insurance of a control over the executive discipline in the Institute on the quality and timely execution of decisions, resolutions of the Government, orders of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, plans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (according to the competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) and the State Research Institute; – control and analysis, within the competence of the Institute units, of research and development work envisaged by the Institute plans, as well as the preparation of a yearly report on the implementation of R & D; – development of the projects of orders, provisions within the competence and so on regarding the scientific and organizational activities of the State Research Institute; – development of the projects of orders on conducting R & D (stages and works in general); – organizational support of the councils of senior personnel of the State Research Institute; – implementation of a complex of measures for the protection of intellectual property created by the staff of the State Research Institute in the course of conducting scientific researches and scientific and technical developments; – organizational support of works on state registration and accounting of research and development works at the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information; – organization of international activity of the State Research Institute; – coordination of works related to the formation of the List of priority directions of the scientific support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; – monitoring of the subjects of dissertation researches conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and central executive authorities whose activities are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine via the Minister of Internal Affairs; – development and support of the database of materials for the implementation of the results of the research into legislative activity, law enforcement practice and educational process of higher educational institutions; – accomplishment of a complex of works to replenish the database of approved and defended dissertations in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
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